Has my student paid the fee on their booklist?

If your school uses Campion, Lamont, North of the Yarra or OfficeMax as your booklisting provider, you can investigate which students have paid by selecting the red Manage Accounts tab from your Control Panel. 

From here, you can see the classes that you are in can be seen as tiles. By selecting the (UNPAID) class, you can see a list of your students who haven't paid, according to our system. As students pay their subscriptions, they will be moved into the main class. 

Note: There can be a delay of up to 24 hours between a student paying for their subscription and their account being moved out of the Unpaid Users class.

 If your school does not use one of the above booklisting companies, or if you feel that there has been a discrepancy between our records and yours, please send the student's name and a receipt to accounts@educationperfect.com.