How can I use Education Perfect as an end-of-class activity?

Education Perfect Dash is a great way to end a class. This will give the students a fun  and interactive activity at the end of the lesson to see how much they have learned. 

Education Perfect Dash is a fun way to boost student engagement by 6%.  Their fastest time will go onto a scoreboard, where they can compare themselves to their class, school, country and the whole world! You can select Dash as an option when setting up a task.

Select Tasks & Homework.

Select the class on the left-hand side and the New Task at the top of the screen. 

Follow the first four steps as requested when setting up a new task. Step five Education Perfect Dash gives you the option to enable or disable the Dash option by using the tick box. There are three options available for students to do Dash:

  • When they finish each Smart Lesson.
  • When they completely finish the task.
  • Immediately.

Once you have selected the criteria best suited, you can Assign Task

Students will be asked up to 10 random questions from the Smart Lesson they've just completed, or up to 20 translation questions, and they need to answer them as quickly as they can. 

Students will lose a life (rocket) for each question they get wrong, plus they'll be asked that question again at the end of the Dash; run out of lives and it's game over!

Their time won't be submitted to the scoreboard if they run out of lives.