How do I make an information slide?

Information Slides allow you to introduce new concepts to your students, and will usually form an integral part of a Smart Lesson

This article covers the Express Editor, if you have received training from Education Perfect and would like to use the older Advanced Editor, please refer to this guide.

Begin in your Content Library, and ensure that you are in Edit mode by clicking the Edit button on the top right.

Click Add Content and then select Smart Lesson. 

On the screen that appears, select Information.

You'll be given the option of four different templates. Select which template you would like to use. This guide will provide instructions for all four templates, starting with Title.


Click into the Title textbox, and type in your title. Then, click into the Subtitle textbox and type in your subtitle.

When you're ready, select Add Another Slide.


The next type of Template is the Media information slide. This slide combines a title with either an image, a sound or a video and is a great way to engage visual learners.

Select Media from the available templates.

Type your chosen Title in the Title textbook, and choose which type of media you would like to include.

For more information on adding Media, refer to this article.

Once you've selected your media, you can then add a Media Description.

When you're happy with the slide, click on Add Another Slide  or Save Lesson.


The side-by side template is similar to the Media Template in that allows for a text-based title and media integration. It differs in that the layout is side-by-side.

Select the Side-by-Side option

You'll then be taken to a screen where you can customise your side-by-side Information Slide. Begin by giving the slide a title, you can do this by typing text into the box labelled "Title".  Next, add a description of the slide's content by entering text into the Slide Content box. 

You can then add media to your slide. For more information about adding media to slides, you can refer to our helpful guide on adding media to content, which can be found here.

You're also able to swap which side the media is on, by clicking the Swap Sides for Content  button.

When you're happy with the slide, click on Add Another Slide or Save Lesson. 


The last type of Information Slide is known as a Freeform Slide. This type of slide does not have a predefined format, allowing you to place content as you wish.

To create a Freeform slide, click on the Freeform option when selecting your slide template.

Editing the slide's title is a Freeform slide is different to the other slide types, as the title is no longer a text box within the slide. You'll instead customise the title in a Freeform slide by clicking into the box labelled "Slide Title", which can be found above the slide.

Once you've selected a title, you can then edit the slide's content. In a freeform slide, editing the slide works very similarly to word processing software. You can use the toolbar to customise fonts, align text, embed media and more.

When you're happy with the slide, click on Add Another Slide or Save Lesson.