How do I preview an activity in the student zone?

Activities are previewed in the Control Panel differently to how students experience them. You can preview activities in the Student Zone to see what students will do.

The key difference between the Student Zone and Control Panel is that students work through questions one at a time, and can't progress to the next question in a section until they've answered the one they're currently on. By contrast, the Content Browser in the Control Panel lets teachers see all questions in a Smart Lesson at once.

Through the Content Library

From the Content Library, navigate to the material you are interested in assigning to your students. 

Select the lesson you would like to preview, and select the grey More button. 

From here, click the Try in Student Zone! button; you will be logged into the Student Zone and taken to this activity. 

Click Start to begin working on the lesson as a student would.

Through the Student Zone

Alternatively, you can preview your content directly through the Student Zone. From your Control Panel, click the Student Zone tab, then select the Browse All Subjects button on the left hand sidebar. 

You will be taken to a list of subjects with content available to browse. 

From here, you can navigate to the activities you would like to preview. Upon selecting a lesson, you will be able to experience the material as a student would. 

In both cases, you can quickly assign the current lesson to students, by clicking Assign to Class from the start page of a lesson. You will be taken into the Tasks & Homework section of the Control Panel, with the option to set the content up in a task. For more information, see How do I assign a task?