How do I report an issue with a question?

From time to time, you may come across a question that doesn't sound quite right to you. If so, you can quickly and easily flag it, or leave feedback, so that our Content Team can investigate and update it if necessary.


While browsing Smart Lesson content from the Student Zone:

Use the thumbs up/down and text bubble tools to leave feedback about a section of a Smart Lesson.

Select the thumbs down icon if you think that the material could be improved upon. Leave suggestions in the box that appears, and click Enter.

Choose the text bubble icon to leave more detailed feedback.

While browsing vocabulary list content:

Flag a question or translation to be checked by the Content Team by selecting the question and clicking on the flag icon that appears.

Choose what kind of problem it is.

Listen to the sound files again here, if necessary.

If it is a sound or text problem, provide further information as to what the problem is specifically and then click Submit.

If it's an issue of a missing definition, add that in and then click Submit.

If you notice the problem while working on a question the Student Zone, click the flag icon.

Indicate what the issue with the question is using the options that are available. These depend on which learning mode you're working in. Click Submit.

If you are working in the Student Zone and give an answer that you believe is correct, you can also alert our Content Team by selecting the I Was Right! button once you have answered the question.

From here, you can suggest that your answer is added as a synonym.